AVI’s high security facility in Norwest Business Park, Bella Vista, offers a superb location for safety deposit boxes, Sydney’s first non-CBD safe deposit  box location. More convenient for investors, families and companies based in Sydney Western suburbs and Sydney North West suburbs, even for Chatswood or Macquarie Park. We have a large range of sizes of safe deposit boxes Sydney residents can rely on at very affordable rates to meet your secure storage requirements. In Sydney’s geographical heart Bella Vista and with free parking AVI safety deposit boxes save you time and money spent on traffic congestion, tolls, parking fees or parking fines in the CBD. Every time you drop off or collect from an AVI safe deposit box in Sydney you make big savings allowing you to buy more gold and silver.

What Makes Safety Deposit Boxes Safe?

The safety deposit boxes we offer are solid stainless steel and are securely housed in our private vault. This is a state of the art security facility constructed in Megacrete, steel, bullet proof glass and bomb resistant entrances. Access to the vault is strictly controlled and constantly monitored. Every safety deposit box in our range is opened by a dual key system, the client has the only customer key, and we have the custodial key. Both are needed to open the safe deposit box, simultaneously. The keys to each secure deposit box are unique and cannot be copied. These factors give a physical and human security element to our safe deposit box storage which far exceeds that of PIN opened systems.

How do I Store Precious Metals in a Safety Deposit Locker?

Precious metals such as gold and silver bullion are issued in weights of ingots, bars, coins, rounds, and medallions. The dimensions of these units are well known, which means that once you let us know what bullion you wish to deposit, we can recommend the optimum size of safety box for your investment. As you accumulate more gold and silver, so we can advise you of other sizes of safe deposit boxes and lockers to better accommodate your bullion. As the price of gold and silver fluctuates, you may need to make withdrawals or deposits at short notice. The convenient location of our  Bella Vista vault allows you to do this without losing time in traffic, or money on tolls and parking charges. Other precious metals such as platinum and palladium can also be securely stored in your security deposit box.

How Safe Deposit Box Storage Can Ensure the Security of Your Business

Our Sydney safety deposit boxes are a security asset a business can use to securely store data drives, company records, and essential corporate documents. Our private vault will ensure the privacy and safekeeping of your vital company files and systems far more securely than your premises can in the event of flood, fire, or theft. We also offer safe deposit box services for SMSF inventory lists and the provision of access reports. Whether your offices are in Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills or Parramatta, we can offer you secure storage in a convenient location.

How To Store Personal Valuables in a Safety Deposit Box

You can store family heirlooms and precious jewellery in your safety deposit box. Burglars are only interested in the intrinsic material value of your treasures and have no regard for their immense sentimental value. You will feel relaxed and assured knowing your irreplaceable family jewels are secure in your safe deposit box. With our premises easily within reach from such locations as Castle Hill or Kellyville, you can take out your jewellery for a special family event or anniversary, and easily re-deposit it with the minimum of fuss.

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Can I Store Essential Documents and Emergency Funds in a Safety Box?

We all have documents which, on occasion, we need to produce for legal purposes. Titles, deeds, bonds, birth and marriage certificates, passports, and insurance policies are easily mislaid or not ready to hand at home. Storing these essential documents in your safe deposit box means you always know exactly where they are when required, no matter if you are in Harris Park, The Ponds or Rouse Hill. Your safe box can also be used to store a reserve of cash for use in such emergency situations as fire, flooding, or cyber-attack.

Our Specialist Team Can Advise on Your Specific Security Requirements

For advice on secure storage in a safety deposit box Sydney residents can now contact our team of experts. We can answer your enquiries online, or you are welcome to make an appointment to meet us to discuss your unique security needs. Our team of seasoned specialists has more than fifty years of experience in security facility design and operation, and is accustomed to listening to confidential personal requirements. Our business is keeping your valuables safe and we will be happy to supply solutions for your security concerns.

AVI has a range of safe deposit box sizes available

Choose from AVI's range of safety deposit boxes or select a larger locker for valuables requiring more space. AVI can customise solutions to suit the needs of family and businesses needing more space.
Small Safe Deposit Box

12 cm high  x wide x 53 cm deep

From $22 per month

Medium Safe Deposit Box

5.5 cm high x 25 cm wide x 53 cm deep

From $33 per month 

Inter-Medium Safe Deposit Box

9  cm high x 25 cm wide x 54 cm deep

From $37 per month 

Large Safe Deposit Box

12 cm high x 25 cm wide x 53 cm deep

From $44 per month

Extra Large Safe Deposit Box

25 cm high x 25 cm wide x 53 cm deep

From $55 per month 

“ Security depends not so much upon how much you have, as upon how much you can do without ”

Joseph Wood Krutch

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