Home Burglaries. A Real Issue In Australia

“In 2017 there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia, one every 3 minutes.”


Some more quick stats;

  • Over 20% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point
  • It takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to break into a property
  • Over 2% of Australian households (191,200) have experienced at least one incident of attempted break-in 
  • 20% of homes that have been burgled in the past, will be burgled more than once


These are alarming figures for families across Australia.

These numbers represent homes burgled at least once (not multiple times) and only represent 75% of the crimes committed, as 25% of home burglaries go unreported in Australia.

The real figure of people affected by these events is much higher.


Items targeted in these burglaries are primarily cash, jewellery, laptops and phones, small items with a high value and easily transported in a get away situation.

NSW and Victoria are the states with the highest volume of burglaries in Australia at 57,000 and 65,000 respectively. The Northern Territory and Western Australia have the highest rate of burglaries per capita.

Burglaries are reported most frequently on a Friday, and least frequently on a Sunday.

Burglaries are most frequently reported at 12pm and 5pm, suggesting burglaries mostly occur during the day while people are at work and are then potentially discovered when people return home from work.

In the most recent incident of a break-in experienced by households:

  • the majority of households had property stolen (74% or 169,000 households)
  • a quarter of households had personal items stolen (29% or 66,900 households)
  • just under half of households had property damaged (49% or 111,200 households)
  • the offender/s confronted someone in around one in ten households (11% or 23,900 households).


Straight from the horse’s mouth

Perpetrators of these crimes have been asked what they thought were the main mistakes made by households and gave the following.

  • Doors/windows left open – 70%
  • Minimal security – 40%
  • Easy to enter backyards – 25%
  • Detectable keys – 12%
  • False security systems – 8%
  • Environmental design – 5%
  • Skylights – 2%


Burglary Rates Per 100,000 people on a Global chart

Australia is just above the US on a global chart of Housebreaking incidents per 100,000 of population.


The Good News

Crime rates in Australia are on the way down year on year and are somewhat mystifying the establishment as to why. Though there are many theories, and ultimately, it may be a combination of the following.

  • A strong economy in Australia and low unemployment rates
  • Better access to security systems
  • More affluence in society
  • Less drug dependance, particularly heroin
    Crime rates


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