The holiday season is a wonderful time…….for thieves.

Are you prepared?

Each holiday season, many families around Australia are packing for a well-earned holiday.
Precious time with family and friends that has been meticulously planned and budgeted for, sometimes years in advance.
At such a time it is important to realise that others are busily planning for the holiday season as well.
Which house has the lights off? Who has not put out the rubbish? Mail collecting in the mailbox? These can be telling signs that home owners are away and can spell disaster, as thieves plan their attack.


How to make your home less of a target;

– Put the lights and TV on a timer
– Have a neighbour collect your mail and put out your rubbish
– Use a house swapping service, such as Air B&B
– Use a security system
– Sensor lights and cameras on external walls

These measures can deter amateur thieves, though not a more determined or professional perpetrator. These are the ones desperate or experienced enough to go around or straight through these deterrents. It really is a numbers game, the harder you work and the more you have, the more of a target you are.
Sydney suburbs have quiet consistent trends as far as break and enters or home invasions are concerned, the one consistent trend is the spike in holiday periods.

Spike in holiday break ins

Crime Stats
Crime Stats

Trends are also showing that a particular victim is also targeted, which are often represented by Asian or Indian citizens, due to the affiliation and fondness of gold jewelry. I have heard of many instances of where the weapon of choice for some invaders is a metal detector, to seek out jewelry more quickly. Safes are also just a deterrent, with some being smashed open on site or removed entirely from the home.

Unfortunately, repeat offences sometimes take place if a robbery was a successful raid, leading some families to completely relocate from such areas for fear of more attacks.

Break and Enter
Break and Enter


As you can see from the graphs, these events are not necessarily in the dark of night, with over 55% of incidents in Blacktown (for example) taking place in broad daylight and 67% likely to be on a weekday.



Protect your wealth from thieves

Sometimes the best way to avoid having your assets stolen is to remove them from your home entirely, keeping them secured in a vault or in safe custody.

Bank vaults or private vaulting services offer services, which provide security of a standard much greater than the most secure home.

Maximum security with minimal cost

These are purpose built facilities, designed to keep perpetrators out and your assets safe from theft. They have layers of security, such as thick vault walls made from hardened concrete and steel, bullet proof glass and steel, electronic security such as HD CCTV networks, seismic sensors and motion detectors, back to base monitoring and biometric access control systems. All designed to work together as a complete unit, to safeguard your valuables.
Access to these facilities is only for the ones nominated and registered by the account holder/s. It is advised that you ensure no spare keys to the safe deposit boxes are kept by the service provider, to ensure complete integrity of the facility. This generally means a deposit needs to be provided for the keys, as if the keys are lost by the account holder, the locks will need to be replaced.
Biometric technology has also advanced dramatically of late, with iris readers now more than 10,000,000 times more accurate than fingerprints, so ensure your provider is using the most secure processes available.

Gold bullion
Gold bullion

Security and value with AVI Vaults
Australasian Vaulting Industries, safe deposit boxes in Bella Vista, uses the latest in physical and electronic security available on the market today. AVI uses vaults and vault doors from the USA, airlocks and bullet proof glass and the latest in iris reading technology, ensuring your nominated people are the only ever to gain access. No exceptions.
Prices for safe deposit boxes, this level of security and peace of mind start at around $5 per week, including complimentary $10,000 insurance cover.
This team has over 10 years’ experience in building and operating vaults in Australia and around the world, for private companies, banks and the military. Experience makes all of the difference.

Visit for a private tour of Australasian Vaulting Industries safe deposit boxes and vaults in Western Sydney, contact AVI now.

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